ARTEMOS – Agile RF Transceivers and Front-Ends for Future Smart Multi-Standard Communications Applications

Förderer: EU SP1-JTI-ENIAC-2010-2 – Wireless Communications

Runtime: 36 months

Project Start: 1.4.2011

Project partners: >40 universities, research facilities and companies from the fields of nanoelectronics and mobile communications

This project aims at developing architecture and technologies for implementing agile radio frequency (RF) transceiver capacities in future radio communication products. These new architecture and technologies will be able to manage multi-standard (multi-band, multi-data-rate, and multi-waveform) operation with high modularity, low-power consumption, high reliability, high integration, low costs. This will not just require smart RF architectures in advanced CMOS and BiCMOS technology, but also need incorporating of, e.g., MEMS technologies and novel simulation methodology for achieving these complex optimizations.

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