Signal Processing Hagenberg

Research Group in Hagenberg

The Signal Processing Lab at the University of Applied Science of Upper Austria is part of the Embedded Systems Lab and stands for application-oriented and basic research in the field of Electronic Design Automation, Digital Signal Processing and Digital Communication. Our research is funded by both national and international sponsors and by bilateral research contracts from industry. The research agenda ranges from simulation tools for electronic circuits and devices up to the THz range, optimized modulation forms for Digital Communications, to the design and implementation of Signal Processing algorithms. The cooperation partners are both university and non-university research institutions as well as national and international industrial partners.


Computer-Aided Design

The Electronic Design Automation is one of the most challenging research fields in nanoelectronic circuit development. The research group focuses on CAD for ICs on a circuit and device level. The emphasis lies on Radio Frequency applications for wireless signal transmission.


Digital Signal Processing

Digital Communication and Digital Signal Processing are key technology enablers of Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems, Industry 4.0 etc. Research areas are adaptive filters and optimized modulation waveforms such as Filter Bank Modulation Carrier.