Connected Vehicles – Subproject Car-2-Car Communication

Promoter: EFRE IWB 2020 Programme

Duration: 36 Monate

Projectstart: 1.7.2016

Projectpartner: TU Wien, TU Brno

Many efforts in recent years in the field of road transport aim to achieve improvements in several dimensions. The safety of persons in vehicles should be increased as well as those of persons outside the vehicles. Making more efficient use of existing transport routes is important to prevent expensive congestion and to avoid or reduce the need to build new transport routes. Cost-effectiveness in passenger and goods transport is a prerequisite for the reduction of pollutant emissions and a more efficient use of resources.

Developments that help achieve these goals can be found both in the vehicles themselves and in the digital mobility infrastructure. Another key factor is the increasing ability of vehicles to interact with their environment (C2X Communication). A look into the future clearly shows that the further development towards highly automated driving will take place. The prerequisite for this is a close cooperation between vehicles and their surroundings. Within the framework of this project, this topic will be examined from different perspectives and dealt with in three main areas: • Efficient use of a road network through dynamic rerouting of the vehicles based on predictive navigation algorithms with the aim of minimizing the use of resources or pollutant emissions,• Development of modeling tools for the communication line Car-2-Car with the aim of enabling reliable communication,• Investigation of the impact of security measures on safety requirements in car-2-car communication.

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