InterOP – Interoperability of heterogenous radio systems

Promoter: EU InterReg Programme ATCZ175

Duration: 36 Monate

Projectstart: 1.1.2018

Projectpartner: TU Wien, TU Brno

The aim of the project is to strengthen the industrial base in the partner regions of Upper and Lower Austria, Vienna, Vysocina and South Moravia in the field of radio technology, digital communication and their applications. These industries are characterized by very strong competition, high benefit and short product cycles. Shortening development time is thus a key to strengthening competitiveness. The results of the proposed project, open access tools, models for interference scenarios, design and measurement methods, serve this overall goal of reducing development time. The project will also facilitate cooperation between academic education and industry, among others, by pilot studies. The results are included in curricula, e.g. in the use of simulation tools and measurement methods from the pilot projects in courses and in the mediation of the consciousness of the interference problem.

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