Linear Phase Design of Lattice Wave Digital Filters – EN

Lattice Wave Digital Filters (LWDF) are a particular kind of Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters which exhibit excellent hardware implementation characteristics, since they are based on allpass filters with prescribed phase function. Moreover, it is known that they are insensitive w.r.t. quantization of the filter coefficients. Based on either a Galerkin or Collocation method, LWDFs with ultra-low group delay variation were designed and implemented in an existing LWDF toolbox, generating automatically RTL code. More information in: C. Zeintl, H.-G. Brachtendorf, “Linear Phase Design of Lattice Wave Digital Filters”, IEEE International Conference Radioelektronika, Prague, 2018.

The hardware implementation is based on the LWDF toolbox from Delft University of Technology and can be downloaded from The extension can be downloaded from this web-side.

LWDF modeler TU Delft:

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